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Jocelyn Lowther – All-Around Senior Athlete

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Fifteenth Annual ‘Senior Games’ Comes to Gainesville

Jocelyn Lowther set a goal for herself when she was young: perform a single, aerial cartwheel each year on her birthday to celebrate until she turned 40. When she successfully reached that mark, she was unsure of what to do next. When a friend told her about the local Senior Games, she found her answer.

Jocelyn Lowther, at 61 years old, will be competing in competing in this year’s Track and Field events but takes a more “all-around” approach to her active lifestyle. She counts swimming, yoga, surfing and racquetball among her regular activities and believes that anyone can start being active, no matter their age.

“Find one event, find two events — and enter them,” she said.

That’s great advice, regardless of your age.

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