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Book Review – Not Dead Yet

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not dead yet review

If you’re looking for quick read, a little motivation, and maybe a few helpful tips along the way, Not Dead Yet by Don Ardell and Jack Welber is worth checking out.

Although I may still be a couple of years from stepping into the 60-64 age group, it’s hard not to find motivation from the stories and tips collected from these 18 world triathlon champions, all 75 years of age or older. Anyone in mid-life and beyond that wants a fit and active lifestyle for as long as possible will certainly be able to find numerous tips and inspiration from these impressive age group athletes. You’ll find tips on balancing time between a highly successful business or career and the training required to be at the top of their age-group as well as issues specific to older athletes.

It’s a quick and entertaining read and any athlete, regardless of age, would do well to add it to their bookshelf.

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