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60-Year-Old Marathoner Keeps Two Running Streaks Alive

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Andriette Wickstrom of Storm Lake Iowa, is a marathon on mission. She’s run 24 Boston Marathons in a row and will soon be running her 25th Twin Cities Marathon. She has personal bests of 1:37 in the half marathon, 3:23 in the marathon, and consistently wins or places in her age group.

Andriette has a rather laid-back approach to her training with anywhere from 40 to 70 miles per week.

“I fit in training when I can,” she says. “I run whenever I feel like it. I’m not consistent. If I feel a little glitchy, I take a day off. That way I avoid injuries.”

She’s already run 85 marathons and, in a couple of years, hopes to reach her goal running 100. Keep running, Andriette!

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