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Training with Neoprene Swim Shorts

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Although I agree with most of the article’s points (and frankly, as a newbie swimmer, I’m in no position to disagree), I have to say that using my Roka SIM shorts allowed me to be just a bit more relaxed and more easily concentrate on technique during my time in the pool. I will admit, however, that it seemed tough to ween myself off of them this Spring. After making myself leave them in the locker room and completing a few sessions without them, it seems,however, to have worked. My times, although still pretty slow, have improved. More importantly, my comfort and confidence in the water is much better. I’m actually starting to think I have a chance at completing an open-water swim this summer!

Bottom line: neoprene shorts can be a great tool to help improve your swimming. Give ’em a try.

Good luck and swim on!

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